Aurora Cultural Center believes that art, culture, and heritage play an important role in each of our lives – creating a compassionate society through shared experiences. Founded in 2010, the Centre is located in a historic schoolhouse built in 1886, which serves as a memorable and tangible piece of the Centres personality. The Centre offers a diverse range of services including gallery exhibition spaces, creative instructional classes for all ages and interests, a live music auditorium and rental spaces designed to serve the community.


  • Branding and identity system
  • Marketing material design
  • Infographics and illustrations
  • Publication design


Aurora Cultural Centre tasked ThompsonStenning with taking the reins on their existing, out-dated brand and guiding it a modern, community-focused direction. The Centre’s main priority was to forge a long-term relationship with a creative group that could integrate into their team, understand the importance of their offerings within the community, and visually communicate the Centre’s mission and character in an engaging way.

Color Family

  • Aurora Green
  • Forest
  • Night Sky
  • Natural Grey
  • White

Font Families

Custom icon system


After taking a tour of the historic facilities and speaking with key staff and volunteers we set out to refresh and refine the Aurora Cultural Centre brand. A comprehensive brand guidelines document, program specific sub-brands, collateral templates, custom icons and infographics were designed to support the brand refresh.


A bright, playful and dynamic brand identity system was developed that will serve the Centre and their diverse customers for many years to come.

“The creation of new brand standards that clearly identified each of our core programs, while still keeping us rooted in our master brand – that was a revelation! It was a really in-depth process that involved a lot of team involvement in order for us to communicate all departmental needs back to you. The result? A really comprehensive and cohesive refreshed brand look and feel that pays honour to our roots while showcasing our vibrancy. It’s a great way to start off our second decade!”

– Jane Taylor, Aurora Cultural Centre


The World Bank Group


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development